Our Focus Is Our Clients

  • We offer many services, including: nursing, home health aides, homemaking, physical therapy and occupational therapy.
  • We promise to always focus on you and your family member’s abilities and find ways that encourage them in medically safe ways to be as independent and as safe as possible.
  • Our clients have shown us that when a person feels confident in the services being provided, they are most likely to advance beyond their current state.
  • We understand that it isn’t just the elderly that need help so provide services to people of all ages, genders and medical assistance levels. Whichever service you need, we are able to provide those needs. 
  • We know that each client’s needs vary, by choosing River Valley Home Care, you can be assured that we will provide exactly what you or your family members needs.

Employee Excellence: How Our Employees Set Us Apart 

  • We implore each of our employees to always remember that the client comes first.  If there are teaching opportunities that will help give our clients the skills to manage more than they thought, you can be sure we will take advantage of that!
  • We believe retaining our employees allows us to provide the best, most compassionate services to each of our clients.  We are able to provide our clients with the same staff week after week which has proven to increase the overall health and well-being in the people we serve.  This is one of the many reasons we stand apart from other in-home providers.
  • Each applicant goes through a rigorous application process.  Our human resources department reviews their credentials, checks, and completes an in-person interview.  After that, we determine if they have both the educational knowledge and compassion we are looking for in our employees.  We believe in providing a great working atmosphere for our employees and find the happier they are, the happier our clients will be!


Life isn’t simply about surviving, but thriving, and we know this better than anyone!