We have designed several different options to reach every client’s particular need. Each of these services can be paid either by insurance or out of pocket depending on your need. Unlike other home health care businesses, we personally interview and conduct the background checks and references of each of our employees. After this initial screening, they are brought in and trained by US. We provide hands on experience and training before each of our employees begin working with our clients. We firmly believe in making sure our clients and their family members know they can trust us with the safety and health of themselves or their family members. The following is a list of services and details about what each service includes.

Registered Nurse Visits

If you or your family member requires more medical maintenance (medical equipment, medical diagnosis requiring firm monitoring, etc) our nurse support would be an ideal service for you. You can combine this service with any of the other needed services as the nursing support will only help with things medically necessary.

Extended Hour Licensed Practical Nurse/Registered Nurse

LPN/RN can provide extended hour support for clients with additional needs.  They provide one on one support for longer periods of time than a standard visit.  Their expertise allows them to provide services which require the knowledge of a skilled professional.


Homemakers are paid by the hour employees who will come and help clean and run errands for the clients. They assist in making sure the home environment is safe and viable for our client to maintain their residency. If you or your family member has a difficult time reaching those hard to reach spots in the bathroom or kitchen to get it cleaned, a homemaker would be a perfect fit for your or your family member. This is an excellent way to receive the help you need while maintaining your independence!

Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides are either certified as a Home Health Aide or a Certified Nursing Assistant. Home Health Aides provide more hands on care than a Homemaker. Home Health Aides can assist with bathing, medication administration/monitoring, health assessments as well as general house cleaning and running errands for the client. Home Health Aides are a good choice if you or your family member require a little assistance with remembering to take medications or there is a medical disorder that fluctuates often, requiring maintenance every now and then.  River Valley Home Care is also proud to accept private pay insurance clients with no minimum hours of service required!

Personal Care Assistants

Personal Care Assistants or PCA’s fall under the non-licensed category of assistants. While they may not have their HHA/CNA, (although most of our employees do) they are trained on the specific needs of our clients before working with them. PCA’s can perform all of the tasks of the Homemakers, as well as hands on care, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. Since they are not certified, they are not able to assist with medication administration or able to provide health assessments. PCA’s are a good choice if yourself or your family member can provide from themselves medically without the assistance of a nurse and are in good general health.  Often times family members can be hired by River Valley Home Care and be reimbursed for the time they spend providing care to loved one.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

We also offer services to provide both Physical and Occupational Therapy. The goals of each of these are tailored to you or your family members needs. Our therapists will come in and provide the hands on support and assessments for you or your family member to continue helping you move forward in your life.