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Title RN/LPN
Categories RN
Start Date 2016-02-01
End Date 2016-05-01
Location Randoph, MN
Job Information

We are seeking a reliable nurse to assist with a case caring for a 5 yr old little girl. There is a lot of “floor time” play/activity. She requires tube feedings, negs, walker, suctioning, etc. Very kind family to work with.

The hours are: 9am-4:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and every other weekend. The case is 5 miles southeast of Farmington.

This is a TEMPORARY position to cover our nurse going on Maternity leave for 12 weeks. AFTER her return there will still be one day shift per week. At that time we should also be able to give you additional hours on another case. Please feel free to call Rachelle at 651-460-4201 with questions. Thanks!

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